How to stop heavy periods naturally.

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Woman with heavy, painful periods

Too many women accept that painful and heavy periods are a natural part of life. Although we don’t talk about our periods much, you’ve probably had enough conversations with female family and friends to have come to the conclusion that, in westernised societies, it’s pretty normal to have long, heavy periods. But what if they’re a sign that something is off with our health.


Could eating meat be more cruelty-free, sustainable and environmentally friendly than eating plants?

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Highland cow on pasture - regenerative agriculture

6+ ways conventional crop agriculture is far worse than pasturing animals How did we farm before the agricultural revolution took a firm hold? Last autumn I was invited to write an article for the Maghera Times, a local magazine. It’s run by the Maghera Historical Society. MHS is a super local community  charity. It’s very active, holds a lot of talks […]