The Burnout Antidote: Burnout to Balance for Busy Professionals

Overwhelm and work-related stress in Northern Ireland, Belfast and Mid Ulster

The Burnout Antidote: Burnout to Balance for Busy Professionals

The Burnout Antidote: Burnout to Balanced for Busy Professionals

We help busy professionals in Northern Ireland go from burnout to vibrantly healthy and fulfilled with our signature Burnout Antidote Method intensive coaching experience.

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Are you a busy professional in Northern Ireland who’s suffering from stress and burnout?

Let us help you go from feeling exhausted, overwrought, floundering, and overwhelmed to fulfilled, vibrant and flourishing.

We've developed a powerful step-by-step process you can harness to restore your work-life balance and start living again when you feel crushed by the burden of work-related stress

Exclusive to clients in Northern Ireland

This program will be offered in the state-of-the-art, brand new Wellness Centre in Portglenone, Mid Ulster. We're within traveling distance from Ballymena, Belfast and Derry

Small group sessions

We harness the power of community to enhance your results.You'll be supported in a mastermind of like minded-individuals with guidance from Health and Wellness expert, Byron Clarke, and Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Dr Catriona Walsh.

You’ve been feeling stuck on the hamster wheel, trapped, exhausted, fried, drained and disillusioned for too long. You’re aware that something has to give soon and you have a sense of dread that that something will be you.

You’ve devoted yourself to your job and to other people but now you’re feeling resentful, irritable, unhappy and drained like you’ve got nothing else left to give. You’re taking work home with you, working evenings and weekends, and you’re even working on your days off because it’s no longer possible to complete everything in your normal workday and what thanks do you get? You feel undervalued and under-appreciated. During your performance reviews, you might even be told you need to work harder and faster, despite the fact that nobody has looked at your job description since you initially got it and now you’re filling in for colleagues who have taken longterm sick leave. Work isn’t as supportive as it should be and to be perfectly honest, you can’t see a way to climb out of this trap. When you try to relax, you feel guilty and you can’t wind down.

You suffer from imposter syndrome and feel like you’re not coping with work and life the way you should be. You feel unworthy of success, love and even happiness. You equate hard work with deserving success, but you find yourself having to work harder and harder to accomplish less. Meanwhile, you’re scared about what other people will think about you. No wonder you feel isolated and lonely.

Recently, you’ve started feeling much older than you really are, and not in a good way. Your energy levels are down, you’ve got aches and pains, you’re popping pills for headaches, and you’re starting to experience decision fatigue by mid-morning.

Coffee and junk food get you through the day. You know it’s not healthy but you need the stimulants to keep you going. You’re relying on the sugar hit from chocolate or refined carbs like biscuits, crisps and other comfort foods to help kick your energy levels up a notch… at least until the blood sugar roller coaster dumps you right down again. You deserve some sort of reward, even though you don’t seem to be able to enjoy things the way you used to, so you comfort eat. You don’t have time to cook for yourself and you eat on the run, so you grab the nearest convenience food and guzzle it down while multitasking. You have a little glass of wine in the evenings to help you unwind and get over to sleep but maybe the glass turns into 2 or 3 and before you know it the whole bottle’s gone. Or it would be, except you can’t party like a rockstar any more. When you say it out loud, it’s no wonder your digestion has been “off” lately.

Everything is so overwhelming that sometimes you just want to lock yourself away, shut the door, close your curtains, switch off your phone and hide, except you have too much you need to get done. But your relationships with your friends and family are taking the brunt of your overwork and overwhelm and, although you’re aware you’re isolating yourself, it’s hard for you to face meeting other people or making the effort.

Ever feel so exhausted that when you come home you just keep going because you know that if you sit down you won’t be able to get back up off the sofa? Then when it comes to going to bed and trying to relax all these lists of things you didn’t manage to do during the day or need to get done tomorrow start whirling through your brain. You pass out with exhaustion but why do you wake up again in the middle of the night only to have those lists come back to haunt you? And by this stage, you know you’re knackered and you need to get back over to sleep quickly or you’ll be useless tomorrow. Except now you stay awake for hours. Do you start surfing the internet looking for ways to fall asleep again or check facebook to see if anyone else is up to commiserate with you? It feels like you’ve just got back over again when your alarm goes off and you could cry from exhaustion. Do you hit snooze and try to get a few more minutes?

You know there must be a solution, but you don’t know what it is, or where to turn. Why are you so stressed? How can you unwind? Why do you wake up in the middle of the night? Why are you so anxious? Or do you feel emotionally numb and disconnected, almost like being shut off from the world in your own hard-shelled bubble? Do you feel like a failure? Are you depressed? Are you just not cut out for this line of work? 

Well my friend, it sounds like you, along with millions of people all around the world, could be suffering from burnout. First the bad news: burnout doesn’t just go away on its own. But that doesn’t mean you can’t recover. Quite the contrary: the good news is that there are lots of things that you can do to start feeling better today. Not only that, there are things your employer can do to support you. You may not want to hear this but burnout is a message. It’s your body’s way of telling you that something is not working: That you need to make some changes. 

That’s why we’ve created the Burnout Antidote: Burnout to Balanced for Busy Professionals. We’ve been where you are now and we survived, but it took changing our mindsets and re-evaluating everything in our lives, not just managing our stress levels. Now we have a complete arsenal of amazing tools at our disposal. We’ve developed expertise, not just in stress management, but in supporting all the other areas in your life that are contributing to your decline in health. Our approach is based on the most recent research on human physiology, behaviour, and functional medicine approaches. There really isn’t any other program like it.

But we deliberately made it this way because we know that you only have one body and you need it for both work and your personal life. We realised that, as much as people want to believe that you can segregate your work and personal life, this simply isn’t possible. You can’t compartmentalise your work life into one tidy, little box and your personal life into another and expect to keep them separate: They bleed into each other.

Every one of us has basic human needs, like the need for nourishing food, safety, security, sufficient sleep, a sense of autonomy and control, the feeling of being part of a wider community, a sense of competence and achievement, and much more.

Just say you sleep poorly and as a result you’re exhausted at work. Your error rate will go up, it’ll take longer to do things, and you’ll be grumpy. No surprises there! And if you’re worrying about something in work or at home, like a deadline, a sick relative or if you’ve got a baby that keeps you awake with teething, then you’re going to end up sleep deprived. Vicious circle. 

Or just say you feel too busy to cook proper food and you’re living off junk food, sandwiches, cereals, tea and toast, coffee, and takeaways. Your blood sugar will swing from low to high and back down again all day. You’ll be hangry, have a short fuse and be more likely to make errors. That’s not going to reflect well on your performance, is it? And you have high standards that you try to uphold. You used to take pride in your work. More than that, you know that the service you provide is important and even vital for other people, so making mistakes takes a greater toll on your self esteem and mental health than you’d appreciated.

Let me let you into a little secret: the sort of people who are most at risk of burnout are mission-driven people. People just like you. You believe you have a purpose; it’s not just about making money. You are dedicated, hard-working, and you go above and beyond. You’re prepared to work long hours, at the expense of your health and your relationships and you’ve done this for too long. You have exacting standards and expect a lot both from yourself and others. And that can make it hard for you to delegate with those perfectionist tendencies and with you being a bit of a control freak. So the pressure builds and builds.

Just take a look at those traits for a second. Do they describe you? If you’re that kind of person, any employer would be lucky to have you. In the right context and environment, those traits would make you a star player and an asset! Sure, you might have to work a bit on your perfectionism, need to have control over everything and time management, but nobody’s perfect. But how can you get your employer to review your job description, appreciate how awesome you already are and look at ways to support you? Those are just some of the many things we can help you with.

So if right now you’re feeling overworked, overwhelmed and stuck on the hamster wheel, let us help you get back to having a meaningful and manageable career and work-life harmony. And you can do it without sacrificing your sanity, health, livelihood and personal life. Sound good?

Through an intensive 8 week course with 2 health and wellness experts, you’ll attend weekly in-person classes, receive short daily video lessons and workbooks to help you learn and develop the skills you need to support yourself through even the most challenging stressors. 

You’ll learn skills that can help unburden you and help you recover from unrelenting pressure.

Such as how to:

  • use nutrition to boost resilience, metabolism, even out your mood and energy and learn how to best fuel your body for optimal performance.
  • apply stress management techniques to combat overwhelm and anxiety.
  • use movement and posture to restore health, boost productivity and creativity and enhance energy levels and calm
  • create and nurture supportive and engaged relationships in work, at home and in your community
  • utilise your interactions with nature to support your mood, sleep and resilience
  • get a good night’s sleep that’s refreshing, adequate and rejuvenating
  • rediscover your purpose and joy.
  • identify and address toxicity in your home, your workplace, the food you eat and in your relationships and learn how to support your body in eliminating toxins and waste products.

Plus you’ll be part of a wonderfully supportive community of like-minded individuals who will: 

  • help keep you motivated, 
  • support you when you’re struggling, 
  • believe in you, 
  • help to stretch your limits a little without tipping you over the edge, 
  • be a source of inspiration and new ideas, and 
  • help keep you accountable.

Here's what you'll learn

  • How your body works and your different systems cooperate to create synergy and harmony, as well as what can disrupt this delicate balance
  • How nutrition is vital in creating the right terrain for performance and health, and how imbalances and inflammatory foods can interact with your gut microbes to sabotage your progress
  • How chronic stress impacts on your physiology to contribute to burnout. You’ll also learn about the different types of stressors you might be struggling under
  • The roles of movement, posture and a sedentary lifestyle in contributing to and combatting work-related stress and burnout
  • How nature deficit disorder can negatively impact on your physical and mental health, including the roles of natural sunlight, getting into nature, rewilding your microbiome and the impacts of electromagnetic fieldss, social media, blue light exposure, pollution and modern toxins can have on your wellbeing
  • The roles that supportive vs damaging relationships have in perpetuating stress and in recovery, and how burnout can endanger your closest relationships
  • The importance of sleep for physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing
  • The science linking purpose with improved health outcomes 
  • How toxicity can create physiological and emotional stressors that can drag you down and interfere with your attempts to recover from burnout.

We know how work-related stress and burnout can leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted.

That’s why we’ve developed this intensive group coaching program.

After completing it, you’ll emerge feeling calm. You’ll experience sustained purposeful energy and vitality, all while reclaiming your work-life balance. Having replaced the sense of dread in the pit of your stomach with optimism and peace of mind, you’ll restore your focus and concentration. As you become more assertive, your confidence and self-esteem will improve. Meanwhile, you won’t have to sacrifice your productivity, responsibilities or health. 

There’ll be improvements in your wellbeing too, with reductions in headaches, pain and discomfort, as well as a calmer digestive system and fewer aches and pains. 

A natural progression of these changes means you’ll regain more control over your life. 

Not only that, but you’ll deepen your connections with the people you care about and enjoy being a valued member of a lively community. 

When you’ve completed this course, you’ll have started to bounce back from burnout, with a clear path to continue on your road to recovery.

What my clients say

Catriona YOU are my inspiration. Listening and reading about what you unearth. Applying so many of these aspects to my own way of living has gotten me through the most difficult part of my life so far.
Mary Murphy
Not just a fully trained Paediatrician, but the best we ever had... You'll never know how grateful I am that we met you.
Clara Rua
I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes last January and sought help from Catriona to improve my diet and lifestyle. Her combination of expertise in medicine and nutrition was so helpful - I am now managing my sugar levels without medication due to the changes in my diet and exercise regime. Catriona is very warm and generous with her time. She helped me set and keep track of achievable and sustainable goals. I feel healthier than I have for a long time
Catriona is outstanding in her knowledge and understanding on how the human body works and what we need to do to make it work better. She is the only practitioner that I fully trust with my own and my family's health.
Judit McNab

Your life is more important than you may believe

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