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Resource Library: Questionnaires

This exclusive area is only for paying clients who are just about to start making diet and lifestyle changes. It’s where you’ll be able to download resources to help you on your journey back to health. You’ll need to type in a password, which I will have provided you with. If you’ve lost your password, drop me a line.

This is where you can find and download the onboarding client questionnaires.

If you’re looking for the exclusive recipes and information on, diet click here. If you’re looking for the section on lifestyle, click here.

Protected: NLC Client Questionnaire

This is the detailed client questionnaire that I use to help with your initial assessment. You can fill it out using Word, Google Docs, Pages, or whichever word processor you prefer. Then email it back to me. Or, if you’re really not very tech-savvy, you can print it out, fill it in using a pen and send me the photos or scan it and email it back to me.

Size: 1.6 MB
Version: v1.0
Published: 2nd August 2019
Protected: Nutrient Imbalances Screening Form

This is a tick box form to fill out that helps us discover which symptoms you find troublesome, and how they might be related to nutrient imbalances.

Version: v1.0
Published: 2nd August 2019

MSQ/Toxicity Questionnaire

You can locate the MSQ Toxicity Questionnaire here:

How to use Libro app

To help you use the Libro food diary app, I’ve created this short guide.

Cover of the "How to use Libro" guide
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