"If you can change how you live, then you can change your life"

Dr Catriona Walsh, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

I help people who've had MRI Contrasts or who have chronic illness reclaim their health using nutrition, lifestyle and supplements

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On the surface I coach people in optimising their health using diet, lifestyle and supplements.

But what I really do is provide support to people with gadolinium toxicity, gadolinium deposition disease, and other chronic conditions who feel unheard, disbelieved, and gaslighted. My clients have already gone through the conventional medical system. However, they haven’t really been helped or found solutions. Let’s face it, if they had they wouldn’t be seeing me. As a matter of fact, they often haven’t even come out the other side unscathed. All too often they feel violated.

When people choose to work with me, what they’re really after is to get some degree of normalcy back in their lives. They feel like something indescribably precious has been stolen from them: their vitality. Together, we work on reclaiming that.

And I can help you on your journey to restoring your health as well. Provided you’re committed to making some positive changes to your diet and lifestyle you should start seeing some great results too. It doesn’t matter whether your last gadolinium contrast scan was last week, or several decades ago. I know things that can help you start to feel better.

What can I do for you?

Let me:
  • Listen to your fears, experiences, frustration, anger and wonderment.
  • Try to connect the dots so that I can guide you to make better choices, based on your own individual needs and preferences.
  • Stand shoulder to shoulder beside you as an ally
  • Advocate for you.
  • Give you hope that you can live a life that isn’t dominated by pain, fear, exhaustion, and sickness.
  • Provide you with clarity about which dietary choices will help you to heal, and which which are holding you back.
  • Help you to really nurture yourself. We’ll focus on nourishing foods and practices that feel decadent.
  • Help you to rediscover what brings you joy, and encourage you to set aside some time regularly to engage in satisfying pursuits, and
  • Identify some supplements that can help support your health

Why have I made Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching my life's work?

I adore hearing about people’s journeys: how I can take them from just surviving to thriving.

I like to think of it like going on a road trip with you. You’re driving, and I’m in the passenger’s seat. We both know where we want to end up, right from the start. But I know the terrain better. You decide the destination, what speed to go, what we listen to on the journey, and where you want to make stops along the way. I provide the directions, inform you of some interesting sights that you might want to stop at along the way, and give you encouragement.

Consequently, I love empowering people, just like you, to realise that if they can change how they live, then they can change their lives.

Meanwhile, I share their joy and optimism when they get off long term medications. Simultaneously, they start looking and feeling better than they have in years. In addition, I love to hear the relief in their voices when they no longer spend time worrying about their future. Most importantly, they can let go of the fear they won’t be there for their children.

My clients finally feel confident they’re making good food choices. Together, we also work towards facing a future filled with possibility, instead of dread. As a consequence, they look and feel great.

Is it any wonder I love what I do? And so I’m filled with gratitude that I get to go on this journey with my fabulous, fun clients. Thank you for placing your trust in me.

My services

1 to 1 nutrition and lifestyle coaching

I coach people to use diet, lifestyle and supplements to optimise their health. My own health significantly deteriorated after a gadolinium MRA. But I was able to turn this around. As a result, I specialise in helping other people who've experienced a decline in health following gadolinium based contrast imaging.

Dietary Analysis

Have you ever had anyone perform a detailed dietary analysis on everything you eat and drink? This amazing tool helps me identify any nutrient imbalances you might have. Consequently, we'll be able to tailor your recommendations.

Burnout Antidote Mastermind

Are you a busy, stressed-out professional who wants to combat overwork, overwhelm and feeling stuck on the hamster wheel, without sacrificing your sanity, health, or livelihood? Then you should definitely check out our Burnout Antidote Mastermind

My time is valuable and so is yours. If you’re late for your appointment, you lose that time. If you don’t show, you’ll still be charged in full. In turn, i promise to honour our appointments and be on time as well.

What else do I provide?

Global coverage

Just because I live and work out of Belfast and Mid Ulster in Northern Ireland doesn't mean that I can't be of service to you if you're based elsewhere. No matter where you are in the world, I can work with you over the internet. Clients suffering from gadolinium toxicity from the USA, Canada, England, Ireland and Europe work with me using Zoom, FaceTime and Skype.

Expert presentations and interactive talks

I give talks on various health and wellness topics around Northern Ireland, but particularly around Belfast, Maghera and Newry.

In person coaching

Despite having clients in the USA and Canada, I'm based in Northern Ireland. In person nutrtition and lifestyle coaching consultations mostly take place in Belfast. In other words, I'm convenient for people from Lisburn, Antrim, Templepatrick and surrounding areas. And I also have clients in Mid Ulster, particularly in Maghera, Draperstown, Magherafelt, Portglenone, Swatragh, Kilrea, and surrounding towns

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Nutrionist with experience in gadolinium toxicity and burnout

Hi. I’m Belfast-based nutritionist, Dr Catriona Walsh, a practitioner with 15 years’ experience in the healthcare industry working as a paediatric doctor all over Northern Ireland. That was before adopting a more holistic way of treating people. I provide a professional therapy service which focuses on authenticity and integrity.

As a therapist and coach, with expertise in nutrition and lifestyle, I provide a friendly, welcoming service that’s non-judgmental. Above all, I am committed to helping you optimise your own health, and that of your family or staff.

My special interest is in helping people, like you, who are suffering a decline in their health following a gadolinium based contrast enhanced MRI scan, and people with hypermobility. My experiences with both gadolinium toxicity and hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome mean that I can leverage what I’ve learned in my own health journey in order to help you. And I also help people who are tired all the time and suffering from work-related stress. Because I’ve also been through work burnout.

Moreover, I can analyse your diet with a high degree of accuracy using a computer program. In this way, I can easily identify nutrient imbalances. It’s a powerful tool which enables me to provide you with much more specific advice. As a result, I can show you how to modify your diet to best optimise your health and wellness.

Therefore, my recommendations are individualised to your own unique preferences and requirements. Consequently, we’ll co-create an action plan aimed at achieving results you’ll love, while you’ll always feel in control.

My Training In Nutrition And Lifestyle Coaching

My training, as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, through the Institute of Health Sciences, Dublin, provides the highest level nutrition coaching qualification available. This has allowed me to extend my expertise in several ways. Principally, regarding the way that diet and lifestyle changes can impact your health and wellbeing.

For me, the best thing about this is that I get some incredible results with clients that I never achieved when I was medicating them with drugs. Now that I understand so much more about the science and the politics behind Big Food and Big Pharma, it’s clear that nutrition and lifestyle coaching is backed up by rigorous science. The pharmaceutical model? Nah. Not so much. And you can find out why in this article that I wrote.

In short, you’ll be able to successfully integrate changes into your life in small, manageable (bite size) steps without feeling deprived or overwhelmed.

It’s so easy to book a FREE discovery call with me, what’s stopping you? Book your FREE discovery call now.

Portrait - Dr Catriona Walsh Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach with The Food Phoenix, expert in side effects from MRI contrasts
Dr Catriona Walsh

What my clients say

I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes last January and sought help from Catriona to improve my diet and lifestyle. Her combination of expertise in medicine and nutrition was so helpful - I am now managing my sugar levels without medication due to the changes in my diet and exercise regime. Catriona is very warm and generous with her time. She helped me set and keep track of achievable and sustainable goals. I feel healthier than I have for a long time


I sought advice from Catriona on how to improve my diet and lifestyle to increase my energy levels and general wellbeing. At the outset, Catriona carried out an impressively comprehensive analysis of my medical history, diet and lifestyle. We then worked together to make some achievable changes which suit my lifestyle at present. I am pleased to say that these changes have had a very positive effect on my general health.

Catriona's medical background and further studies in nutrition have provided her with an excellent knowledge of how the body works, the impact of various diet and lifestyle choices on physical and mental wellbeing, and the effect of past illness on current. She is sensitive, professional, understanding, and very thorough in her approach to anyone!


I saw Catriona after the birth of my second child, and am really glad I did. She did a detailed analysis of my typical diet and identified several key nutrients that I was not getting in sufficient quantities. She reviewed all my health information and family history and listened to my concerns. She then helped me make an achievable action plan to follow, and I really do feel I've benefited so much from her input. I would definitely recommend


Catriona is outstanding in her knowledge and understanding on how the human body works and what we need to do to make it work better. She is the only practitioner that I fully trust with my own and my family's health.

Judit McNab
From Newtonards, Northern Ireland

I achieved a better understanding of what I was missing out in my diet but ultimately what was crucial was the best sources of those nutrients. I thought I'd a good understanding of "healthy eating" even if I didn't always follow that diet but Catriona was able to show me a much healthier way of life, she showed me nutrients I'd never even heard of and a holistic approach, incorporating food, a happier lifestyle and relaxation techniques. These were manageable changes week to week that I incorporated at my own pace to help me feel better.

I have more energy, sleep better, feel better in myself. Before I was completely exhausted and felt drained constantly. I was at a loss as to what and how to change my lifestyle.

The work we did last year still is something I'm living by day to day. Thank you so much for your help.

Caoimhe Porter
From Belfast, Northern Ireland


What better way to showcase the results you can expect when you embrace diet and lifestyle changes?

Here’s one of my clients who’s suffered from psoriasis and eczema for 30 years. She’d needed high dose topical steroid creams and vitamin D analogues almost constantly throughout that time. Implementing appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes, along with some targeted supplements, gave her visible results within days. Now she’s off her medications for the first time in years, and feeling much more comfortable.

My Mission

My mission, as a nutritionist and coach with additional training in lifestyle medicine, is to motivate and empower you with the knowledge and skills to optimise your happiness and wellbeing. I aim to help you celebrate your individuality, recognising your innate resilience and ability to heal. I want to encourage you to realise your full potential and flourish. Together we can accomplish this by focusing on nurturing and nourishing you. In addition, I want to encourage you to grow and thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My goal is to guide you on your journey of transformation into a healthier, revitalised, vibrant, authentic version of yourself.


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