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"Rejuvenating Health, Restoring Hope"

Dr Catriona Walsh, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

I empower people whose lives are on hold because of the devastating side effects of MRI contrast dyes, other medications, and toxins to restore their day-to-day normality, helping them break free and embrace a vibrant future through individualised and holistic approaches to nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

Are you searching for someone who offers gadolinium toxicity symptoms treatment to reclaim your health?

Are you struggling with the negative impact of MRI contrasting agents, including gadolinium toxicity symptoms and undesirable effects of MRI contrast? I can help!
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Join the Fight for Recognition and Justice

Expose the Devastating Impact of Gadolinium Toxicity

Every Response Counts. Help End the Gadolinium Toxicity Crisis.

Share Your Story, Demand Change.

Our crucial gadolinium toxicity survey is live, but time is ticking. We close on July 29th – that’s just days away!

Don’t put it off. Once the survey closes, your voice is lost. Time’s running out. Act now!

Time Left to Make Your Voice Heard:


Shatter the Silence

By participating, you’re not just sharing your story. You’re contributing to a collective effort that could → 

Expose the Truth

Push for proper recognition of gadolinium toxicity as a serious condition

Leave a Lasting Legacy for Patients

Drive more focused research into long-term effects and potential treatments

Turn Pain into Purpose

Prevent unnecessary contrast MRIs and protect others from similar experiences

Be Part of the Solution for Gadolinium

Provide validation and support for the gadolinium-affected community

Gadolinium Toxicity Patient Survey: Your Voice Matters

We are at a crucial juncture in the fight against gadolinium toxicity. For too long, the voices of those affected by gadolinium-based contrast agents have been ignored or dismissed. Now, we have an opportunity to change that.

We’re conducting a landmark patient-driven survey: “Signs & Symptoms after Gadolinium Administration: A Patient Self-Study”. This survey aims to collect comprehensive data on the real-life impacts of gadolinium toxicity. Your experiences – the physical symptoms, the emotional toll, the life changes – are invaluable in building a body of evidence that cannot be ignored.

Your responses will be anonymous, but your impact will be significant. Every survey completed strengthens our cause and amplifies our collective voice.

Turn Your Pain into Power: Participate in Our Crucial Survey

If you've been affected by gadolinium toxicity, we urge you to participate in this crucial survey. Your experience matters and your voice deserves to be heard. Together, we can turn our individual struggles into a powerful force for change. Take the Survey Now (Deadline: August 19th, 2024)

about us

Introducing the
Gadolinium Toxicity Patient Self-Study Team

This landmark study is spearheaded by a dedicated team of patient advocates and medical professionals who have come together to amplify the voices of those affected by gadolinium toxicity.

Sharon Williams and Hubbs Grimm are the co-authors of GadoliniumToxicity.com, a comprehensive resource that has been instrumental in raising awareness about this critical issue. Their personal experiences and relentless efforts to connect with the gadolinium-affected community have been invaluable in shaping this survey.

Joining them is Sarah Rt., the admin of the highly active “MRI Gadolinium Contrast Safety Side Effects & Toxicity Research” Facebook group. Sarah’s deep understanding of the challenges patients face and her unwavering commitment to advocating for change makes her a vital part of this team.

Dr Catriona Walsh, also known as “The Food Phoenix,” provides medical expertise and guidance. As a paediatric consultant turned nutrition and lifestyle coach, Dr Walsh has worked extensively with people suffering from the effects of gadolinium toxicity and is committed to advancing the scientific understanding of this condition.

Together, this dynamic team is dedicated to capturing gadolinium toxicity’s true scope and impact through this comprehensive patient survey. Their goal is to gather irrefutable evidence that regulatory bodies, including the FDA, and doctors, can no longer ignore. By presenting the collective experiences and data collected, they aim to drive policy changes, improve patient care, and prevent future harm.

Your participation in this survey is crucial. Your voice, your story, and your insights will be instrumental in shaping the future of gadolinium research and patient advocacy. Join us in this pivotal effort to transform the landscape of gadolinium toxicity awareness and treatment.

Transform Your Life: Break Free from Gadolinium Toxicity Symptoms & MRI Contrast Side Effects

As someone who has also experienced the adverse effects of MRI contrast and as a former paediatric consultant turned nutrition and lifestyle coach, I understand how difficult it can be to manage the side effects of gadolinium toxicity symptoms. When I had my MRI contrast in 2016, I searched for people who specialised in gadolinium toxicity symptoms treatment but was unsuccessful.

My experience inspired me to develop my own protocol. My background in both allopathic medicine and holistic wellness has furnished me with unique expertise, allowing me to provide you with personalised recommendations.

Please book your free clarity call to talk about your specific situation related to the long term effects of MRI contrast and the negative impact of MRI contrasting agents. Don’t struggle alone any longer – Contact me today to take control of your health and well-being!

Empowering Clients on their Gadolinium toxicity symptoms treatment voyage

My signature coaching program aims to help you regain control over your life by providing targeted solutions that address your specific needs and concerns related to toxicity and metabolic damage, focusing on toxicity caused by medication side effects like gadolinium poisoning. 

However, as time passes, more evidence suggests that natural toxins like oxalates play critical roles in creating health challenges and even amplifying heavy metal toxicity, including undesirable effects of MRI contrast dyes. Rather than relying on a magic pill (and all the potential harm that can go along with it), you’ll be able to implement diet and lifestyle changes to drive your own recovery. All you need is the proper guidance.

Overcoming Medication Side Effects, Gadolinium and Other Toxicants

My coaching program is specifically designed for people injured by toxicity, with a spotlight on the side effects of gadolinium contrast dye used in MRIs. I understand how devastating this experience can be, physically, mentally and emotionally, because I’ve been there myself.

Restoring Daily Normalcy

My goal is to help you overcome your symptoms and restore your everyday normality – that feeling of functioning normally once more and living a life free from pain, fatigue, and other noxious effects.

Breaking Free from Life-Halting Side Effects

I aim to help you break free from the life-halting symptoms you may be experiencing due to your condition that are keeping you stuck in limbo. By addressing the root causes of these manifestations, I can empower you to regain control over your life and confidently pursue your goals.

Embracing a Vibrant Future Having Recovered From the Negative Impact of MRI Contrasting Agents

My coaching program is designed to help you overcome your current challenges and build a foundation for long-term health and wellness. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a vibrant, fulfilling life free from the debilitating effects of medication side effects and gadolinium toxicity.

The secret cause of your chronic pain, skin problems, and cognitive impairment

You thought an MRI with contrast would help you diagnose your health issue. Instead, it made it worse

And it’s not the only thing that’s harming you. You may be exposed to other toxins, both natural and manmade, that are wreaking havoc on your body.

Toxicity can cause a variety of symptoms, such as chronic pain, skin problems, and cognitive impairment. You may have gadolinium toxicity, oxalate poisoning, heavy metal poisoning, or a combination of them. 

But you don’t have to live with it. You can recover. I am here to assist you by providing a FREE clarity call to help you understand your situation and find a way forward. I will help you identify the sources of your toxicity and the best ways to detoxify and heal your body. 

Don’t let toxicity ruin your life

Sign up for a free clarity call with me today, and let’s get started. This is a no-risk, no-obligation offer, so don’t hesitate.
Catriona’s knowledge on how every food, supplement or treatment affects your body is top notch. Her mental database of health knowledge is as deep and comprehensive as anyone I’ve ever come across. For me, the best thing was being able to ask her any question about my diet or lifestyle and receiving a thoughtful and detailed answer. If you’re hesitant, simply try the initial free consultation. You won’t regret it.
Portrait of Client Mike O'Connor
Mike O'Connor
Affected by MRI contrast

Are you tired of feeling tired all the time?

I feel you. I've been physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted, too

Are we in a pandemic of people being tired all the time? It certainly feels like it.

Are you one of the many professionals who are exhausted, run down and worn out trying to juggle all of life’s crazy circus balls without stopping to take care of themselves? Have you ever asked yourself “why am I always so tired?”

Life can be demanding at the best of times.

And so many different things make claims on your energy. Obviously, there’s the stress of working long hours, looking after your family and attempting to have a life outside of work. You have every right to feel tired all the time.

But sometimes life throws you another curveball. Or a series of well-aimed missiles. 

For me, one of those was an MRI contrast using a toxic heavy metal called gadolinium. Gadolinium is an element in the lanthanide class. The other lanthanide metals can also be poisonous. I thought I was tired all the time before that. Let’s be honest here, I was exhausted. Running on fumes from the stress of work, life and other things.

Over the years, I’ve had plenty of challenges to my health. But nothing compared to what happened after a single toxic MRI contrast

So if you’re feeling crushed and overwhelmed, I know just how that feels. 

The good news is that I and lots of my clients have been able to reclaim our energy levels. Not only that, but feel healthier, happier and spend more precious time with family and friends despite having fallen victim to the undesirable effects of MRI contrast and other toxicants.

When people choose to work with me, what they’re really after is to get some degree of normalcy back in their lives. They feel like something indescribably precious has been stolen from them: their vitality. Together, we work on reclaiming that.

And I can help you on your journey to restoring your health as well. Provided you’re committed to making some positive changes to your diet and lifestyle you should start seeing some great results too. It doesn’t matter whether your last gadolinium contrast scan was last week, or several decades ago. I know things that can help you start to feel better.

How can I help you?

Let me:
  • Listen to your fears, experiences, frustration, anger and wonderment.
  • Try to connect the dots so that I can guide you to make better choices, based on your own individual needs and preferences.
  • Stand shoulder to shoulder beside you as an ally
  • Advocate for you.
  • Give you hope that you can live a life that isn’t dominated by pain, fear, exhaustion, and sickness.
  • Provide you with clarity about which dietary choices will help you to heal, and which which are holding you back.
  • Help you to really nurture yourself. We’ll focus on nourishing foods and practices that feel decadent.
  • Help you to rediscover what brings you joy, and encourage you to set aside some time regularly to engage in satisfying pursuits, and
  • Identify some supplements that can help support your health

Reclaim Your Energy with My Free Guide to Stress Management Techniques

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and constantly on edge? You’re not alone! The world is a busy place, but it doesn’t have to drain all your energy. As a dedicated professional, I understand that you may feel like there’s never enough time for self-care, so I’ve put together a *MUST-HAVE* FREE step-by-step guide to effective stress management techniques.

In just minutes a day, you can rediscover your inner calm and feel refreshed, ready to tackle even the most challenging tasks. My free guide contains 67 quick and easy self-care activities for busy professionals like you. Integrating these practical and proven strategies into your daily routine can liberate you from the relentless and exhausting cycles of negative thoughts and behaviours. Take charge of your life today and experience the transformation that you deserve!

Embrace balance and bid farewell to exhaustion, even on the most hectic days. This guide is more than just a resource – it’s a life-changing tool that empowers you to reclaim your energy, reduce stress, and take charge of your well-being. Don’t let life’s demands leave you feeling worn out. Grab your free copy today!

Fuelling Your Journey to Health and Happiness: My Drive to Empower You Through Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

I have had the privilege of witnessing the incredible transformations of some of my clients on their healing journey, which has been truly rewarding. I hope that if you are feeling tired all the time and merely surviving, you will allow me to guide and support you on your healing odyssey. Together, we can work towards helping you thrive and live your best life.

I like to think of it like going on a road trip with you. You’re driving, and I’m in the passenger’s seat. We both know where we want to end up right from the start. But I know the terrain better. You decide the destination, what speed to go, what we listen to on the journey, and where you want to stop along the way. I give you the directions, let you know of some interesting sights that you might want to stop at along the way, and provide you with encouragement.

I share the joy and optimism when my clients come off long-term medications and start feeling and looking better than they have in years. It’s a beautiful feeling to hear the relief in someone’s voice when they no longer worry about their future or being there for their children. I want you to experience this same feeling and visualise yourself with a brighter future due to implementing your hard work on your diet and lifestyle. Doing so will benefit yourself and your entire family for years to come. Together, we can create a healthier, happier life for you.

My clients finally feel confident they’re making good food choices. Together, we also work towards facing a future filled with possibility instead of dread. As a consequence, they look and feel great.

Is it any wonder I love what I do? And so I’m filled with gratitude that I get to go on this journey with my fabulous, fun clients. Thank you for placing your trust in me.

Now, let me ask you something: why is your health important to you? If you had perfect health, what would that allow you to do with your life? Take a minute, close your eyes and think about how different life could be…

Imagine a life free from the effects of toxicity. A life where you feel healthy, happy, and energised. A life where you can enjoy the things you love without any limitations. That life is possible with my 1-2-1 coaching services. Click here to discover how I can help you create a better future with my personalised and holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

My services

1 to 1 nutrition and lifestyle coaching

I coach people to use diet, lifestyle and supplements to optimise their health. My own health significantly deteriorated after a gadolinium MRA. But I was able to turn feeling tired all the time around. As a result, I specialise in helping other people who've experienced a decline in health following gadolinium based contrast imaging and burnout from work. Disover how my 1 to 1 coaching service works by following the link above.

Dietary Analysis

Have you ever had anyone perform a detailed dietary analysis on everything you eat and drink? This amazing tool helps me identify any nutrient imbalances you might have. Consequently, we'll be able to tailor your recommendations.

Burnout Antidote Mastermind

Are you a busy, stressed-out professional who's tired all the time? Do you want to combat overwork, overwhelm and feeling stuck on the hamster wheel, without sacrificing your sanity, health, or livelihood? Then you should definitely check out our Burnout Antidote Mastermind

My time is valuable and so is yours. If you’re late for your appointment, you lose that time. If you don’t show, you’ll still be charged in full. In turn, I promise to honour our appointments and be on time as well.

Revealed: What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About the Negative Impact of MRI Contrast Agents

Are you suffering from headaches, brain fog, fatigue or other long term effects of MRI contrast injection? You’re not alone. Thousands have experienced similar side effects that remain long after the 48 hours your doctor claimed it would take for you to eliminate the dye. As a result, your doctor may not even suggest you need Gadolinium toxicity symptoms treatment. It’s normal to feel confused and scared about this. 

In this free guide, learn the shocking ways MRI contrast can damage mitochondrial and nervous system function, leaving some with life-altering health challenges. “Revealed: Secrets about MRI contrasts drug companies don’t want you to find out” presents an overview of the latest research on toxicity risks, why side effects persist, and some natural strategies that have helped many recover their health and lives. 

Click here now to sign up and receive this eye-opening guide immediately by email. Discover how other proactive people overcame their contrast issues – you don’t have to live with mystery symptoms once you understand this contrast danger.

Unveil: The Hidden Dangers in Your Recent MRI & How to Heal!

Did you know that the contrast dye used in your recent MRI might be causing long-term harm? Let me show you what it does inside your body, how it can damage your tissues, and what you can do to recover!

This FREE guide is about helping you understand what happened during your MRI and giving you practical tips on returning to feeling like yourself again!

What else do I provide?

Global coverage

Just because I live and work out of Belfast and Maghera in Mid Ulster in Northern Ireland doesn't mean that I can't be of service to you if you're based elsewhere. No matter where you are in the world, I can work with you over the internet. Clients suffering from gadolinium toxicity from the USA, Canada, England, Ireland and Europe work with me using video conferencing calls, FaceTime and Skype.

Expert presentations and interactive talks

I give talks on various health and wellness topics around Northern Ireland, particularly Belfast, Maghera and Newry. I’ve also presented for the Ehlers-Danlos Support UK (EDS UK) groups in Northern Ireland and Wales. Having been nominated, I’m now on Ehlers-Danlos Support UK’s register of specialists who know about EDS, HSD or symptomatic hypermobility.

In person coaching

Despite having clients in the USA and Canada, I'm based in Northern Ireland. In person nutrtition and lifestyle coaching consultations mostly take place in Belfast. In other words, I'm convenient for people from Lisburn, Antrim, Templepatrick and surrounding areas. And I also have clients in Mid Ulster, particularly in Maghera, Draperstown, Magherafelt, Portglenone, Swatragh, Kilrea, and surrounding towns

Would you like to...

Get to know me a bit better?

Check out my blog?


Nutrionist with expertise in the undesirable effects of MRI contrast and feeling tired all the time

Hi. I’m Belfast-based nutritionist Dr Catriona Walsh, a practitioner with 15 years experience in the healthcare industry working as a paediatric doctor all over Northern Ireland. That was before adopting a more holistic way of treating people. I provide a professional therapy service which focuses on authenticity and integrity.

As a therapist and coach with expertise in nutrition and lifestyle, I provide a friendly, welcoming, non-judgmental service. Above all, I am committed to helping you optimise your health and that of your family or staff.

My special interest is in helping people like you who are suffering a decline in their health following a gadolinium-based contrast-enhanced MRI scan and people with hypermobility. My experiences with both gadolinium toxicity and hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome mean that I can leverage what I’ve learned in my health journey to help you. If you’ve had an MRI contrast and haven’t felt right since then, you should check out this post to determine whether your clinical picture fits the specifics of gadolinium deposition disease.

I also help people who are tired all the time and suffering from work-related stress because I’ve also been through work burnout.

Moreover, using a computer program, I can analyse your diet with a high degree of accuracy. In this way, I can easily identify nutrient imbalances, which are common causes of being tired all the time. It’s a powerful tool which enables me to provide you with much more specific advice. As a result, I can show you how to modify your diet to optimise your health and wellness best.

So, my recommendations are individualised to your unique preferences and requirements. Consequently, we’ll co-create an action plan to achieve results you’ll love while you’ll always feel in control.

My Training In Nutrition And Lifestyle Coaching

As a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, my training through the Institute of Health Sciences, Dublin, provides the highest level of nutrition coaching qualification available. This has allowed me to extend my expertise in several ways regarding how diet and lifestyle changes can impact your health and well-being.

For me, the best thing about this is that I get some incredible results with clients that I never achieved when I was medicating them with drugs. Now that I understand so much more about the science and the politics behind Big Food and Big Pharma, it’s clear that nutrition and lifestyle coaching is backed up by rigorous science. The pharmaceutical model? Nah. Not so much. And you can find out why in this article that I wrote.

In short, you’ll be able to successfully integrate changes into your life in small, manageable (bite-size) steps without feeling deprived or overwhelmed.

It’s so easy to book a FREE clarity call with me; what’s stopping you? Book your FREE discovery call now.

Portrait - Dr Catriona Walsh Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach with The Food Phoenix, Empowering People Whose Lives Are on hold because of Side-Effects of Medications Like MRI Contrast Dyes to Restore Their day-to-day normality, Helping Them Break Free and Embrace a Vibrant Future Through Individualised and Holistic Approaches to Nutrition, Supplements, and Lifestyle Changes.
Dr Catriona Walsh

What some of my clients say


What better way to showcase the results you can expect when you embrace diet and lifestyle changes?

Here’s one of my clients who’s suffered from psoriasis and eczema for 30 years. She’d needed high dose topical steroid creams and vitamin D analogues almost constantly throughout that time. Implementing appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes, along with some targeted supplements, gave her visible results within days. Now she’s off her medications for the first time in years, and feeling much more comfortable and less tired all the time.

My Mission

My mission, as a nutritionist and coach with additional training in lifestyle medicine, is to motivate and empower you with the knowledge and skills to optimise your happiness and wellbeing. I aim to help you celebrate your individuality, recognising your innate resilience and ability to heal. I want to encourage you to realise your full potential and flourish. Together we can accomplish this by focusing on nurturing and nourishing you. In addition, I want to encourage you to grow and thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My goal is to guide you on your journey of transformation into a healthier, revitalised, vibrant, authentic version of yourself.


Latest news

Media Appearances

Uncovering the Undesirable Effects of MRI Contrast: Dr Catriona Walsh, Founder of The Food Phoenix Speaks to Sky News

The Long Term Effects of MRI Contrast in the Spotlight: An Interview With Dr Catriona Walsh of The Food Phoenix in The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail interviewed me about my experiences after a single gadolinium based contrast agent. It’s part of a feature they did on gadolinium. You can read it here.

Tune In: Expert Insights on The Risks of MRI Contrast Dye Injection, Children's Health, and Burnout

Simple Steps to Wellness podcast episode. “Stress and Burnout: Are you at risk?” If you’re tired all the time and trying to find more energy, you won’t want to miss this podcast episode.

Quax Podcast episode. “MRI contrasts can wreck your body.” Lucas from the Quax Podcast interviewed Mollie of MRIdye.com and me about our experiences with gadolinium contrasts. We also shared some of the approaches that are helping us to recover from being tired all the time.

Glitching podcast episode. “Diet and Lifestyle.” Cathy and I have a great chin wag about how diet and lifestyle aren’t optional if  good health is your goal. Cathy’s also from Belfast. So it’s double the Northern Ireland accents.

Untaming podcast episode. “Are your kids really eating nutritious food?” Did I mention I used to be a paediatrician before I did a career U-turn? You can find out why in this article. Anyway while I was still a consultant paediatrician, I started going down the rabbit hole of nutrition for child health. It led me to places I hadn’t expected. In this podcast, I discuss what I learned.

Find me on Google by searching for Belfast nutritionists, nutritionist near me, or health coach near me

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