Surviving self-isolation during COVID-19

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Self-isolation during COVID-19

We are living in very uncertain times, the like of which none of us remember experiencing before. The world has been rocked by the emergence of a new virus. Many people live in fear of passing it on to someone else and being the source of another person’s severe illness or death. And many more are frightened that they won’t […]


How to stop heavy periods naturally.

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Woman with heavy, painful periods

Too many women accept that painful and heavy periods are a natural part of life. Although we don’t talk about our periods much, you’ve probably had enough conversations with female family and friends to have come to the conclusion that, in westernised societies, it’s pretty normal to have long, heavy periods. But what if they’re a sign that something is off with our health.


Recipe for Honey Herby Pulled Beef Brisket

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Honey herby pulled beef brisket from Belfast

This week I’ve got a delicious pulled beef brisket recipe for you. It’s paleo and LCHF-friendly and it’s very easy to adapt it to autoimmune protocol (AIP) as well. My farmer-butcher had brisket from a very mature cow this weekend. She was actually seven years old. The cow that is, not my farmer. I’d been hearing all about how much […]