Are you being exploited? Part 1

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Shame and the stigma of burnout Brene Brown

Burnout doesn’t happen because you’re weak. Burnout happens because your strengths and kindness are being exploited. This is the first part of a three part series exploring the exploitation and the role of society in burnout, one of the causes of vital exhaustion.


Recipe for Honey Herby Pulled Beef Brisket

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Honey herby pulled beef brisket from Belfast

This week I’ve got a delicious pulled beef brisket recipe for you. It’s paleo and LCHF-friendly and it’s very easy to adapt it to autoimmune protocol (AIP) as well. My farmer-butcher had brisket from a very mature cow this weekend. She was actually seven years old. The cow that is, not my farmer. I’d been hearing all about how much […]