How working with me got Claire her energy and life back

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Exhausted woman taking a nap

I can honestly say that I felt lost and a little hopeless before I met Catriona. I was convinced I was dying of something, I felt so toxic and merely existing in a world that I loved to engage in. I had felt really “stressed anxious, irritable and frustrated with my lack of bodily strength and my inability to think” for the last year but I had attributed it to stress in changing my job.


Could eating meat be more cruelty-free, sustainable and environmentally friendly than eating plants?

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Highland cow on pasture - regenerative agriculture

6+ ways conventional crop agriculture is far worse than pasturing animals How did we farm before the agricultural revolution took a firm hold? Last autumn I was invited to write an article for the Maghera Times, a local magazine. It’s run by the Maghera Historical Society. MHS is a super local community  charity. It’s very active, holds a lot of talks […]